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Damon Compares Palin To A Disney Soccer Mom

I loved what he said and how he said it. Matt Damon is very articulate. He screwed up with the ‘4,000 years ago dinosaur thing – I’m sure he meant 40,000,000 but other than that, he can speak for me.


Barack Obama Will Become the 44th President of The USA

When I saw today McCain is leading by 5 points I realized I was in the same complacency zone I was four years ago when I thought it impossible for Bush to be re-elected after the shambles the country, constitution and citizens were in. I’m snapped out of it, now.

One Of My Favorite Poems That I Want To Share With You – Mahmoud Darwish

The Prison Cell  

It is possible…
It is possible at least sometimes…
It is possible especially now

To ride a horse

Inside a prison cell

And run away…

It is possible for prison walls
To disappear,
For the cell to become a distant land

Without frontiers:

-What did you do with the walls?

-I gave them back to the rocks.

-And what did you do with the ceiling?

-I turned it into a saddle.

-And your chain?

-I turned it into a pencil.

The prison guard got angry.
He put an end to my dialogue.
He said he didn’t care for poetry,
And bolted the door of my cell.

He came back to see me
In the morning,

He shouted at me:

-Where did all this water come from?

-I brought it from the Nile.

-And the trees?

-From the orchards of Damascus.

-And the music?

-From my heartbeat.

The prison guard got mad;
He put an end to my dialogue.
He said he didn’t like my poetry,
And bolted the door of my cell.

But he returned in the evening:

-Where did this moon come from?

-From the nights of Baghdad.

-And the wine?

-From the vineyards of Algiers.

-And this freedom?

-From the chain you tied me with last night.

The prison guard grew so sad…
He begged me to give him back
His freedom.

—- Mahmoud Darwish, translated by Ben Bennani

One Hundred Pushups

I’m gonna be doing this, this week. http://hundredpushups.com/index.html

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Is Silicon Valley turning into Madison Avenue?

Metrics is a nice idea the way the creators presented it. Then that guy Mark Cuban really degraded it it by trying find ways to ‘scare the public into using it’. I don’t expect that kind of thing from my field. It’s one of the reasons I got out of advertising.

Video clips at Ustream

I am banning Adverbs

Sentences sound better without Adverbs. I’m off Adverbs.

TED Peter Hirshberg: The Web and TV, a sibling rivalry