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The Music Video Director Nagi Noda Died At 35

A very creative video director and toy maker. It’s sad anyone died so young.

Yuki – Sentimental Journey


Barack Obama: He Completes Us

Hilarious Video

HBO’s True Blood Opening Sequence

HBO’s True Blood Opening Sequence is well doneĀ http://creativity-online.com/work/view?seed=6ac870c5

Amex Profiling Commercial

What’s with Amex promoting ‘profiling’ with their new ad showing a guy being taken away by airport cops for having kittens on his Visa card?

Doug Zell American Express Commercial – Long Version

Time Lapse of Mushroom Growing ( from Boing Boing )

The music is perfect. I could see this on large screens all over a lounge or club. Person’s probably a Dj.


How it feels to have a stroke