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The Elderly McCain Is So Last Century

The best part is that Obama is fighting clean.


The Elderly McCain Mumblingly Evades The Gay Issue

Did we have to pave the way for this?

Elderly McCain Talks Of Lipstick On A Pig

The things that come out of this old man’s mouth!

Damon Compares Palin To A Disney Soccer Mom

I loved what he said and how he said it. Matt Damon is very articulate. He screwed up with the ‘4,000 years ago dinosaur thing – I’m sure he meant 40,000,000 but other than that, he can speak for me.

Barack Obama Will Become the 44th President of The USA

When I saw today McCain is leading by 5 points I realized I was in the same complacency zone I was four years ago when I thought it impossible for Bush to be re-elected after the shambles the country, constitution and citizens were in. I’m snapped out of it, now.

Barack Obama: He Completes Us

Hilarious Video

A Corded Phone? Ugh, How Annoying.

Bush On a Corded Phone

Bush On a Corded Phone

Can’t we do better than this? It’s probably for some security reason, but still. Maybe Bush Prefers. Like McCain not “knowing a thing about computers.”