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New Family – Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates

I’m really glad they came out so fast with the second one, because I hated the first one so much. But now, with the second, I’m starting to get it, and kind of like it. Maybe after the next (hopefully next week) I’ll love it. Bill Gates is indearing in this one.


Damon Compares Palin To A Disney Soccer Mom

I loved what he said and how he said it. Matt Damon is very articulate. He screwed up with the ‘4,000 years ago dinosaur thing – I’m sure he meant 40,000,000 but other than that, he can speak for me.

TED Peter Hirshberg: The Web and TV, a sibling rivalry

HBO’s True Blood Opening Sequence

HBO’s True Blood Opening Sequence is well doneĀ http://creativity-online.com/work/view?seed=6ac870c5

Alec Baldwin’s a Total Baldwin

Alec Baldwin is so well rounded. Yes, gifted.

You know you’ve made it when your name becomes an adjective.

Entertonement Fills A Need I Didn’t Know I Had

I love this sight to search for, download or embed audio files http://ping.fm/7WC0t

I like Jon Hamm’s voice