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New Family – Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates

I’m really glad they came out so fast with the second one, because I hated the first one so much. But now, with the second, I’m starting to get it, and kind of like it. Maybe after the next (hopefully next week) I’ll love it. Bill Gates is indearing in this one.


Is Silicon Valley turning into Madison Avenue?

Metrics is a nice idea the way the creators presented it. Then that guy Mark Cuban really degraded it it by trying find ways to ‘scare the public into using it’. I don’t expect that kind of thing from my field. It’s one of the reasons I got out of advertising.

Video clips at Ustream

Amex Profiling Commercial

What’s with Amex promoting ‘profiling’ with their new ad showing a guy being taken away by airport cops for having kittens on his Visa card?

Doug Zell American Express Commercial – Long Version

HSBC and JWT Making Money off the Powerless

I find this ad offensive. HSBC and JWT pretending to align themselves with the sub-culture of this country. Capitalizing on the situations of people that they themselves arguably have a hand in creating. It’s shameless. http://creativity-online.com/work/view

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Shoe Circus – Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates

Why did they do this?

Larry David must be turning over in his future grave.

They should have got him to direct this. It seemed they were trying to use his humor at one point when Jer and Bil were staring at each other, but then it just fell apart.

I didn’t really get how the first part, Bill being thrifty and the second part, Bill making a cakey computer, had anything to do with each other.

I think maybe Bill was trying out his hand at directing, and even the great Jerry Seinfeld was silenced by Bill’s ambition.

Seinfeld must be getting paid a lot.

I Love British Entertainment

English advertising can be so cool and strange, and brave http://creativity-online.com/work/view?seed=d8c5ed0b