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Jott’s Cool

NUTSHELL:  Jott is a voice to text service that lets you send emails and text messages, set reminders, organize lists, and post to sites like Twitter and your Blog, from your phone. 

Blackberry users can even respond to their emails using Jott’s voice to text.  Imagine not having to thumb messages anymore, that’s cool

And there’s a feed service, which is really interesting.  You add favorite feeds (techcrunch, mashable, etc) to your Jott account, and when you want to hear updates call Jott and they will be read to you.

Jott Logo Jott Home page

I get excited about new Cloud services only to forget about them in a few weeks.  It’s the luxury of being bombarded with so many quality apps, you can’t possible remain a regular user of them all.

For me, Jott will be a fly-by-night app, I think.  And that’s only because I am not a huge note taker or list keeper, and I mostly use my mobile to send media, not text.

But I see Jott becoming a have-to-have for the many people who fit the note/list profile.


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