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Plaster Your Number All Over The Internet

My Phone Number 617 517 6041

I’m not clueless. It might look like it because I have my phone number plastered all over the Internet, but I’m not. The number people see is my Internet number, that I get free from Grand Central.

When a user calls my Grand Central number (617 517 6041) they leave a message on my GC voicemail, which I pick up from my personal Grand Central page. And I can have the calls forwarded to my phone or be alerted when a voicemail has been left.

This is a great service for those of us who embrace Internet culture. And if you want to be in the game you have to. Early adoption is the smartest way to stay in front of technology.

Just be as out-there and reachable as possible, while always being protective of your privacy and security.

(Also, Google bought it this year, so it should be around for a while.)


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