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Here, Everything’s Free

Advertising has become the benefactor of the regular guy. Before, the consumer paid for the privilege to use, be sold, watch or listen to everything. We foot bills for the corporation and the artist, and we were happy to do it.

Those days are over. The Internet has become a battleground, with sites and advertisers fighting for the pleasure our company. I’m pissed if I have to pay for anything now. I can watch free TV and movies on HULU.com. I have access to the best new music on LAST.fm, free phone calls on SKYPE, free phone number on Grand Central, free video editing on JUMPCUT. Then, of course there’s FLICKR, YOUTUBE and GMAILwhere I get pretty much all the storage I want.

And the advertising on these sites is unobtrusive, because it’s about making the user happy. It’s like being courted by a really polite guy. He wants something, but doesn’t want to be too agressive, and in the meantime I get free stuff.

Anyway, there are so many competing services, one better than the next, that your experience is the most important factor in the success of a website.

So, in this incredibly competitive space everyone is catering to the regular guy.


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