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The Emergence of Cloud Culture

I am so lucky to be alive at this time in history. If tenacious enough I can communicate with almost anyone on earth. By putting an hour or so effort in a year I keep relationships with old friends in tact, until I have more time. And I have constant access to information that makes life easier and richer.

Every year (or less) it gets easier and richer. Since getting a BLACKBERRY I don’t need a computer to get my mail. And, in the so-called ‘Cloud’ I don’t need a hard drive to get everything else. If I adopt Cloud Culture, which I do, everything digitizable in my life is available to me online. I can be in Boston or Burma, it doesn’t matter, I just need a connection.

For me, it started with GMAIL offering a huge amount of storage. I was able to archive everything; and I did: resume, portfolio, photos, evolving documents and more. I felt confident leaving the house knowing I could access these things away from the computer, if necessary. And I no longer had to carry around firmwarm, just in case. That was liberating.

Web 2.0 continues to roll out free services that makes the Cloud experience more efficient. I was an early adopter of BASECAMP, an online project management utility. I started using it while working as a Producer at a prestigious ad agency. We would share project files for multi-million dollar clients there because it was the easiest, most streamlined solution. And it was free.

I have even started editing video online. As an avid ADOBE user, I was sure that creative production would keep me dependent on the hard drive. But I am not sure anymore. I still use Photoshop, but I’ve heard great things about GIMP – the open source equivalent.

Going forward, OPENID and DATA PORTABILITYwill help the average user incorporate Cloud Culture into their life. They’ll be able to bring their profile and friends to all Social Networks and they will start to expect this openness in everything they do online. And they will get it, because the whole concept is being financed by the advertiser, so everyone wins.

But that discussion I will leave for another post.


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  1. I am pretty cloudy too…and an avid basecamp enthusiast. Great blog!

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