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This is perfect

David Beckham get caught by his wife looking somewhere he shouldn’t.

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The Elderly McCain Is So Last Century

The best part is that Obama is fighting clean.

The Elderly McCain Mumblingly Evades The Gay Issue

Did we have to pave the way for this?

New Family – Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates

I’m really glad they came out so fast with the second one, because I hated the first one so much. But now, with the second, I’m starting to get it, and kind of like it. Maybe after the next (hopefully next week) I’ll love it. Bill Gates is indearing in this one.

The Music Video Director Nagi Noda Died At 35

A very creative video director and toy maker. It’s sad anyone died so young.

Yuki – Sentimental Journey

Elderly McCain Talks Of Lipstick On A Pig

The things that come out of this old man’s mouth!